Bird watching

Sri Lanka  is a paradise of birds those interested in bird watching which is many types of forest habitat including wet ever green forests, sub-montane forests, montane forests, intermediate forests, dry forests as well as arid scrub lands and sand dunes are found within its land area of approximately 64,550 sq km. Spend your vacation in the tropical island of Sri Lanka. The country is filled with hundreds of colorful bird species, including a number of rare endemic and migratory birds, and many knowledgeable native guides.Get to see birds such as cormorants, spoonbills, egrets, herons, Layards parakeets, yellow-fronted barbets, brown-capped babblers, three-toed kingfishers, Sri Lankan jungle fowl, red-faced Malkoha, Serendib scops owls, Sri Lanka blue magpies and more. Learn about their nesting habits and lifestyles. Use a quiet camera to take some rare photographs. Kumana bird sanctuary,Sinharajaya,Kithulagala,Kalamitiya are best places for bird watching in Sri Lanka.

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